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Financial Planning

The Sound Investment Group will assist you during each stage of your financial life

Our “Intelligent Wealth Guidance” process is the foundation of our client relationship.  The ability of the Sound Investment Group to assist you in transitioning through each phase of your financial life is what sets us apart from the rest.  Above all, our business is conducted with objectivity, utilizing sound strategies for every client.

Help Create and Grow Your Wealth – Designed and implement an asset allocation strategy to assist in optimizing returns relative to risk in a tax efficient manner.

Help Preserve and Manage Your Wealth – Make adjustments to  your asset allocation strategy to focus on risk reduction shifting from a growth orientation to stability by broadening the portfolio’s diversification.  Asset allocation/diversification alone cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.

Help Facilitate the Orderly Distribution of Your Wealth During Retirement – We analyze your retirement income needs and assets to develop a plan to provide you with a retirement income stream.

Help with the Ultimate Distribution of Your Wealth – We can recommend estate planning professionals or work with your existing trusted advisors to help establish your tax efficient wealth transfer plan.  Our team can strive to ensure a smooth transfer of wealth to the beneficiaries of your choice.